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“What’s the whole point of being pretty on the outside when you are so ugly on the inside? ” This quote is saying about the valuation of a person is inside of her or him, not the beauty outside. In recently years, plastic surgery has grown in the Medical field in many countries around the world. It has become a booming in the United State, the plastic surgery patients are both men and women, especially women (91%). Perhaps, people who after have the plastic surgery will be prettier than normal appearance. Beside the beauty of this kind surgery brings, people almost forget about its risks related to their life.

Clearly, the plastic surgery is increasing in the United State, Japan, South Korean, China, Thailand; however, how much do people know about the issues and danger during the process of surgery? In fact, there accidents that are happened affect to patients, such as: disability, disfiguration, and even death. Even though it also has positive effects, negative impacts on people’s life and health are seriously. Therefore, the plastic surgery should be banned; however, some people still think that they have the right whether they want to do the plastic surgery or not.

The first reason to ban the plastic surgery is to help people avoid psychological problem. Psychologists and surgeons find out that there are psychiatric phenomena affect to patients of plastic surgery, such as: body dysmorphic disorder (BBD) and the suicide risk. According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, “BBD is designated as an Axis I disorder that is characterized by an individual’s intense preoccupation with an imagined defect in appearance. ”

According to the article, patients with BDD who seek plastic surgery have higher Nguyen 2 percentage than normal ones. They expect to change their looking usually and more beautiful. In fact, having surgery on patients with BDD will seriously affect to their symptom, mania or lead to increase in depression. Following to Finnish and Danish women, the increase risk of suicide on patients have breast augmentation is high. Nothing is perfect 100% in medical; sometimes, there will have some accidents to patients. If the result of surgery is not like what patients expected before, they will be shocked and anxious, depress, stressful, even commit suicide.

On the other hand, when the patients are satisfied with the results, as soon as possible they will change their looking again because it is difficult for them to be satisfied with any looking. According to Ovreberg, “My results show that those who want surgical intervention, such as breast enlargement, have an increased risk of suicide and are often depressed. ” As the result, the plastic surgery should be prevented as soon as possible to protect health and psychology of people from its risks. Although plastic surgery can help a person have a good looking, external beauty does not define her or him.

According to the article, “Advertisements show plastic surgery as a shortcut option for all problems – finding a boyfriend, getting a great job, landing that great promotion/deal, being popular with the opposite gender and so on. ” In fact, the plastic surgery is described like a magic that can give people the beauty they dreamed about. Unfortunately, the beauty under the knife cannot define the value of a person. The cosmetic surgery cannot change a person as much as he or she thinks. Changing the outside would not help people more kindly or friendly, even it negatively affects to health of them.

Moreover, the best relationship depends on the truth, merit and being honest more than looks. Moreover, an unfair society has created; people will think that the rich will have good looking by money while poor one will not. Thus, Nguyen 3 the plastic surgery should be removed from medical field instead of using it for creating an unreal beauty. Another reason why people should ban plastic surgery is to protect their health from physical problems.

Beside the beauty of plastic surgery bring in, it also affects negatively to people’s health. Sometimes, surgeries can leave on the patients’ body side as scarring, swelling. For example, it is very difficult for a smoker who want to do breast augmentation because smoking before and after surgery will reduce the protectively health’s ability of body. As the result, if that person cannot stop smoking, the scarring will be worse. According to Medical Health Tests, “For many couples, the breast are effective for arousing the woman during sexual activity.

Many patients report a lack of arousal from the breasts after an implant procedure has been performed. ” There are many argumentative between patients and doctors. After a cosmetic procedure, if patients can have the face they expected before or risks, they will sue the doctor. According to Bershad, here is an unfortunate story about the mother of two cannot close her eyes after getting a plastic surgery. She has resulted in bumps on her eyelids. Unfortunately, she had another surgery and that one went wrong, it makes her eyes cannot close for now. After that, she was suing her doctor; however, her doctor was arguing and did not think that he was wrong.

Through these risks, it should take serious about banning the plastic surgery to help people avoid danger from it. Beside the risks of plastic surgery, some people think that it can help people happier. According to Dr. Weston, “When she came to me, her downturned mouth corners and heavy brow made her look angry and unapproachable – when in fact, she was absolutely delightful. After her surgery, I was astonished – she was radiant in a way that goes beyond the physical. ”

Nguyen 4 Sometimes, a person has a tricky face; however, he or she is nice and friendly inside.In these casts, plastic surgery is helpful; it help people can have prettier faces with a different looking than original. Another reason why people want to get plastic surgery is to save their relationship. Some women are afraid of older than their husbands, so they decide to get a surgery to look younger and more attractive to their partners. In South Korea, people enjoy to do plastic surgery like going to the market. Some students ask their parents to giving them plastic surgeries in their birthday instead of gifts. There are no wonder why people in this country have the faces similar.

On top of that, most of celebrities and idol singers that have many plastic surgery. As the result, they will have the beauty of flower by plastic surgery. In addition, as beautiful as they are, they will be more famous in their own country. If the good looking can bring success to people, of course, there are no wonder why people do like to get plastic surgery. Honestly, people have the right to decide whether to get plastic surgery or not. However, how can people see its risks like nothing and accept to bring a fake beauty during their life.

They could escape the ugly, but they could not run away from the psychology and physical problem by plastic surgery. As the report, in South Korea, the rate of commit suicide of celebrities is increasing. After a plastic surgery, they will want to be more perfect and keep getting plastic surgery again. Slowly, their health will be affect in a negative way. According to above, there are evidences to prove that more prettier, shorter lives. In conclusion, plastic surgery should be outlaw and prevented to protect people from psychological and physical that it bring to.

People should know that a good person who has good inside not outside. It will be terrible if the society only has the beauty under the knife. Medical field is good area to save people; however plastic surgery brings negative impacts to people. Nguyen 5 Therefore, banning plastic surgery also help people realize about the negative impacts of it on their health and lives. Nguyen 6 Work Cited “Plastic Surgery – The Negative Impact Of This Shortcut Option on American Culture. ” American Healthcare Reform. 25 January 2013. Blog. 3 May 2014.

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