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Most people want to be more beautiful than other people. They are always seeking the “beauty”, which makes them believe that they will be happier. That is why there is more and more people using plastic surgery as a solution. Those patients have a variety of ages and sexes. It can be ranged from twenty to fifty-five or over. It is included both sexual: males and females. There are thousands of reasons for them to see a plastic surgery doctor. They may want to look younger for professional or personal reasons.

They may want to change a feature which they never liked. Whatever the reason, the data is not lied. There were nearly 8. 5 million cosmetic surgical and non-surgical procedures performed in 2001, an increase of 304% from 1997, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. (“Choosing Cosmetic Surgery”) However, they are just seeking a mask to hide their true charm; the message here is “be yourself. ” Moreover, as with other surgeries, cosmetic surgery leads to many kinds of side affect, and patients need to be careful for an aftercare surgery.

Finally, cosmetic surgery can cause an addiction by society trends and Body Dimorphic Disorder. No one is perfect, and there is no “perfectism” either. People often complain about something on their body. They may think that their noses are shorter than others. Maybe, they think beautiful women should have big eyes. Sometimes, they may wish their lips to be a little bit thicker. However, the truth is people are a product of the love between their mom and dad. They should accept it as a present that their parents gave them.

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), “The top five surgical cosmetic procedures in 2007 were: liposuction (456,828 procedures); breast augmentation (399,440 procedures); eyelid surgery (240,763 procedures); abdominoplasty (185,335 procedures); and breast reduction (153,087 procedures) (“Highlights of the ASAPS 2007 Statistics on Cosmetic Surgery”). Based on the fact, most surgeries were done because they felt unsatisfied about their body. They want to change their beauties by using the plastic surgery to be more attractive.

Nowadays, our society is developing so fast that it creates a lot of ways to make people look more beautiful or even younger by using make-up products, skin care or doing exercise to maintain a good and healthy body. That is good enough to make them look better based on what they have. More importantly, even if they do a cosmetic surgery, it does still not guarantee the expected results: The potential exists that the surgery will not produce the “ideal” look the patient was seeking in spite of the surgeon’s best efforts.

Cosmetic surgery is not an exact science, so potential patients need to keep in mind that there is no way to know what the final outcome will look like until the procedure has been performed and the recovery period has passed. (“The Pros And Cons Of Having Cosmetic Surgery”) Therefore, nothing is 100% perfect. Being yourself is accepting the truth, and finding other ways to improve what you are not happy about are the best choices a person should follow. Finally, there is still something more important than appearance.

What would we think if a Miss Universe wins with a low education and without a good heart? Then, the “beauty” exists for a long time or stays in a short time and gone? In another case, in the Vietnamese-American community, everyone knows about Mr Don Chu, singer Ha Phuong’s husband. Although he is not good looking, he is an American billionaire who is managing a billion dollar fund at Wall Street. He is still confident about himself, and people still admire him. Cosmetic surgery requires a lot of time for recovery and has a lot of side effects.

After surgery, patients cannot do normal activities, such as sports or heavy lifting. The healing time can take several months, even forever. It depends on health condition, age, and gender. Sometimes, scars are left on the body that cannot be treated by any other surgeries. Moreover, smoking and alcohol are banned within healing time. If not, it can extend healing time and make the case more complicated. Like other surgeries, plastic surgery may lead the death if the equipment or chemicals used in the surgery are not suitable to that patient, or by bleeding.

Following the death of a former Miss Argentina after complications arising from plastic surgery, questions are being raised about the risks of cosmetic surgery. Solange Magnano, 37, died in hospital, after being transferred from a clinic where she underwent an elective surgery on her buttocks last Wednesday… Magnano is reported to have died from a pulmonary embolism, a blockage of the blood supply to lungs. (“Model’s death highlights plastic surgery risks”) Besides, as with any kind of surgery, it may have side effects.

For example, breast implants makes it hard to read a mammogram which helps the body to prevent breast cell cancer. More important, although liposuction is the most common cosmetic surgery, it is also the most dangerous one. “A report by Dr. Frederick Grazer of Penn State and Dr. Rudolph de Jong of Thomas Jefferson Medical college says that to date, “917 plastic surgeons reported 95 deaths in over 496,000 liposuction surgeries. If you do the math, that comes out to 19 deaths per 100,000 or 1 death in 5,224” (“Liposuction safety report”).

One of the most dangerous side effects is fluid imbalance. During the procedure, the surgeon will put a large amount of fluid inside the body, and some is removed from fat tissue, which causes fluid imbalance. It may cause kidney dysfunctions, heart problem, and too much fluid in the lungs. Cosmetic surgery addiction is one of the most modern addictions, along with internet addiction, shopping addiction, and workholism. According to recent studies, 66 percent of all patients who have a single cosmetic surgery will return to have another.

They return, not because the first surgery failed, but because it succeeded and now the patient wants more. Often, these plastic surgery addicts have a perfect image in mind that they want to attain, whether it is a celebrity that they are trying to emulate, or their ideal picture of what they should look like. (“Plastic Surgery Addiction”) Among the reasons that cause cosmetic surgery addiction are society trends and Body Dimorphic Disorder (BDD). Nowadays, with the development of media and advertising, people accept with cosmetic surgery more easily.

The result is they accept it as a should-have behavior to be beautiful. For example, in their beauty definition, a beautiful girl should have long legs, big breasts, big eyes, or a high nose. Wanting those characteristics compel them to come to a surgeon. Moreover, people with BDD never feel happy even after thousands of cosmetic surgeries. They always see something wrong with their body that must be fixed. Michael Jackson and Jocelyn Wildestein are good examples of this kind of addiction. Michael Jackson had more than ten nose surgeries, according to People Magazine.

He spent over two million dollars for surgery over his career to range from a “handsome” black singer to an “alien with a chimpanzee face” who never stopped to surprise people. Jocelyn Wildestein has a similar story to Michael’s. She spent almost four million dollars on cosmetic surgery over the years. With the nickname “Bride of Wildestein,” nobody can recognize her now compared with that beautiful woman she was in the 1970s. Plastic surgery is not a good solution for anybody. People should face the truth that they are not beautiful instead of hiding themselves by using plastic surgery.

Doing surgery only reflects that they love untrue beauty. There are a lot of ways to improve what they have. For example, if they have a problem with belly fat, they can exercise with a strict nutrition system. If they want a higher nose or bigger eyes, they can put on makeup that still makes them look beautiful without asking a surgeon. Moreover, cosmetic surgery requires a very strict aftercare and causes many kinds of side effects. It takes several months for healing time without any smoking and alcohol during this period. Also no normal activities and heavy lifting are limited.

Additionally, breast implants may reduce the ability to detect breast cancer, and liposuction can cause buildup of fluid in the lungs. Finally, cosmetic surgery is a new kind of addiction in this century. People can get addicted either by society trends or BDD, which makes them never feel happy with their body and never say “No” to cosmetic surgery. Works Cited “Choosing Cosmetic Surgery. ” medicinenet. com. MedicineNet, Inc, n. d. Web. 19 Sept. 2011. Rollins, Gray. “The Pros And Cons Of Having Cosmetic Surgery. ” articlecity. com. N. p. , 3 Mar 2006. Web.

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